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Famous Franks Universal Slicker Jumbo

Universal Slicker Jumbo
Universal Slicker Jumbo
Item# MF451
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Product Description

The Famous Franks Universal Slicker curved design allows for a very natural wrist action that is far less tiring than the motion used with conventional flat slickers. Makes it easier for you to follow the curve of your pet while brushing. Metal pins are gentle on skin and coat. Good for initial removal of undercoat as well as final brush-out. Made in Germany. 

   * Fine quality all-purpose curved slicker for dogs and cats.
   * Hard feel, good for heavy coats and getting out mats.
   * Imported from Germany.
   * Sturdy, lightweight plastic handle.

Jumbo - 3 1/2 X 4 brush head

SIZE 3.5" x 4" brush head
SIZE2 4"L plastic handle

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