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Sila Freshener and Lint Roller

Sila Freshener and Lint Roller
Sila Freshener and Lint Roller
Item# LENIO41
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Product Description

Sila Freshener and Lint Roller
Lentek has developed the Sila Clothes freshener and Lint Roller. It uses Oxidizing Technology to help in neutralizing the odors and pollutants that may be lingering while removing any lint, pet hair, and other visible contaminants. Can be used on your clothes, furniture, upholstery, drapes, etc. Ideal for business travelers, pet owners, and removing smoke smell from clothing.

* Rolls away lint, fur, and odors
* Helps relieve allergies and asthma
* Reusable sticky roller rinses clean with water
* Silently Circulates air to clear odors on clothing 
          including pet odors and cigarette smoke.
* Provides a flow of 100 trillion air cleansing Ions per second
* One push button ON/OFF switch
* Auto Shut Off after 5 minutes
* Uses one 9-volt battery (not included)

SIZE 4"W roller
SIZE2 Washable and reusable
COLOR Grey Handle with Blue Roller
INFO Rolls away lint, fur and odors
INFO2 Removes odors and cigarette smoke

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