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Roccal-D Plus - Gallon (128 fl oz)

Roccal-D Plus - Gallon
Roccal-D Plus - Gallon
Item# Roccal-D_Plus_Gal
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Product Description

Roccal-D Plus is a one-step germicide, fungicide, detergent, and deodorant. The New, improved Roccal-D plus active ingredients (third generation quaternary ammonium) make it stronger and more effective against pathogens that cause odor and disease. Effective against viruses, bacteria and chlamydia in a 1:200 dilution . Neutral use solution means less skin irritation. Used in most kennels, catteries, aviary, animal care facilities, animal research centers, animal breeding facilities, and animal quarantine areas.

SIZE Gallon (128 fl oz)
SIZE2 Used in most kennels, catteries
COLOR one-step germicide, fungicide, detergent

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