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PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar

PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar
PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar
Item# RSCPUSB-300
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Product Description

PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Collar weighs only one ounce, so it can be worn by small and timid dogs. As you know, the biggest barkers are usually the smallest dogs. Now there is a bark collar designed for even the smallest little yapper. It snaps right onto your pets existing collar so it doesn't have to wear a second collar. To deter barking, it emits a loud sound that startles your dog, disrupting its barking and discouraging it from continuing. While very effective, it is perfectly harmless.

   * The lightest bark control available, weighs only 1 oz! 
   * Great for even the smallest dogs
   * Uses microphone to sense for barking.
   * At 1.9 cubic inches, it is by far the smallest you can buy
   * Can be attached to your existing collar
          (one inch width or less. No need for your dog to wear a second collar)
   * Adjustable sensitivity levels so you can be sure to detect your dogs bark every time
   * Emits high pitched tone as correction that is audible to humans
   * Volume is about 105 dB at 1 foot
   * Frequency: 4 kHz
   * User Manual Included
   * Manufacturer's Lifetime Warrantee

SIZE: Lightest bark Collar (1 oz)
* Uses microphone to sense for barking
COLOR 1.9 cubic inches
*/NAME> Emits high pitched tone for bark correct
* For use on small or timid dogs

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