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PetSafe Remote Trainer - For Big Dogs (PPT-300)

PetSafe Remote Trainer - For Big Dogs (PPT-300)
PetSafe Remote Trainer - For Big Dogs (PPT-300)
Item# RSCPPT-300
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Product Description

The Remote Trainer for Big Dogs is the first full featured trainer designed for both the professional trainer and the average pet owner with no training experience. This remote trainer is most appropriate for dogs over 40 pounds that are average to hard to train A complete, comprehensive training video shows how to properly use The Remote Trainer to make training a fun and rewarding experience for both the pet and the pet owner. The Remote Trainer can be used to deter unwanted behavior such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping on guests, or barking. Or it can be used for basic obedience training such as teaching the "come" command. Training tips on all these and more are covered in the video. Batteries not included. Uses standard 9 volt batteries available in local stores.

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