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Nylabone DuraChew Dog Bones Wolf

Nylabone DuraChew Dog Bones Wolf- Chicken Flavor
Nylabone DuraChew Dog Bones Wolf- Chicken Flavor
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Product Description

Nylabones are a favorite choice of both dogs and owners. The Nylabone Durachew dog bones are a long lasting chew that is made from pure virgin nylon, and designed to satisfy the chewing instinct of of even the most aggressive chewing dogs. Strengthens the jaw in puppies, and helps prevent boredom in adult dogs. Chewing helps alleviate stress and benefits teeth and gums. Saves your furniture, walls, rugs, and clothing from being chewed by teething puppies and aggressively chewing dogs. Canines gradually grind it away, rather than breaking off chunks. When the ends are worn, it's time for a new one. It doesn'tsupport the growth of micro-organisms and it can be sterilized by boiling.

Chicken flavored Nylabone with baked-in flavor particles for an extra appeal perfect choice for the pickiest of dogs!
* Wolf Size 5.5" long
* Tasty Baked-In Flavor
* Made of Pure Virgin Nylon
* Long Lasting Chews
* For dogs up to 50 lbs

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