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Nilodor Tap-A-Drop

Nilodor Tap-A-Drop
Nilodor Tap-A-Drop
Item# NIL400
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Product Description

Nilodor Tap-a-Drop, the original super concentrated one-drop odor counteractant effectively eliminates all malodors, while leaving a pleasant low-level fragrance. Just one drop neutralizes odor sources and keeps working to eliminate odors for up to 24 hours. Formulated to destroy urine and other problem odors instantly.


* Just one drop in a thousand cubic feet will continue to deodorize for up to 24 hours.
* One drop neutralizes odors up to 24 hours.
* Destroys urine and fecal odors instantly.
* Removes skunk odors too, and is effective for household uses.
* Tap a drop out of the bottle, a little goes a long way.
* Used by hospitals, hotels, veterinarian clinics, homes, restaurants, etc.
* Economical and safe.

Litter boxes, pet bedding, pet cages, vet clinics, bathrooms, garbage cans, garbage disposals, automobiles, etc.

SIZE 1/2 fl oz

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