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Virbac Knockout Area Treatment 14 oz

Virbac Knockout Area Treatment 14 oz
Virbac Knockout Area Treatment 14 oz
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Product Description

Virbac Knockout Room and Area Treatment quickly kills fleas and ticks in your home. Contains a unique combination of ingredients that kills both adult and pre-adult fleas for up to 4 months. Also Contains IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). Flea eggs and flea larvae that are exposed to an IGR will never develop into the adult jumping, biting and (most important!) reproducing fleas. Thus stopping the life cycle and infestation.

To Use: Hold can 2 or 3 feet from surfaces to be treated. Apply to pet bedding, carpets, rugs, drapes, and all surfaces of upholstered furniture.

SIZE: 14 oz aerosol
* For up to 4 MONTHS
* Kills adult and pre-adult fleas

* Kills ticks, including deer ticks that may carry and transmit Lyme disease. Also Kills cockroaches, lice, flies, and mosquitoes.

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