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For Bid - Stop Stool Eating (12 packages)

For-Bid Stop Stool Eating - 12 packet(s)
For-Bid Stop Stool Eating - 12 packet(s)
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Product Description

Stop stool eating with For-bid. For-bid is a highly crystalline edible protein, when sprinkled on the dog's food, will impart a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the stool. Administered for approximately 3 - 4 days, this will usually curb stool eating for months, often permanently. Make sure you use it on the animal producing the stool that is being eaten.

Small - Medium dog: one-quarter of a pack two times a day for four days (morning and night)
Large dog: 1/2 package on the dog food two times a day for 5 to 6 days (morning and night)
Horse: 1 1/2 packs, morning and night, for 2-3 days
Cat: 1/4 packet per day, for 4-5 days

Count: 12 packages

-For use on dogs,cats,horses
-Stops stool eating

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